A Little Bit About Folkestone Foodies

Folkestone Foodies

At Folkestone Foodies they write about the best food in Folkestone. They feature articles about the best restaurants in Folkestone, and the best bars in Folkestone, giving you in-depth insights into the food, the service and the overall experience. Their aim is to provide a comprehensive guide and up-to-date information about where to eat in Folkestone. Folkestone is full of great places to eat. They have made it their mission to sample as many restaurants in Folkestone as possible, and showcase what the town has to offer. The site has many feature articles on some of the best places to eat in Folkestone.
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Case Study

The client wanted a blog that was easy to manage. They wanted to be able to focus on writing content and not have to worry about any technical issues. We designed a site that was easy to use, and easy to scale as the content grew. All the client has to do is log on to their backend and upload their article. Our design takes care of the rest. We set up a subscription form on the site, to help grow their readership. And we made it easy to add features like advertising, to enable them to monetise the site. It was important to the client to be able to monitor traffic to see how the site is performing. We set this up on the sites backend so they can see their stats easily. Folkestone Foodies is now a trusted source of information used by locals and tourists to find the best places to eat in Folkestone.