A Little Bit About James Layland Tutors

James Layland Tutors

James provides first-class tuition and advice based on over 30 years working in education. In that time he has clocked up more than 40,000 hours of teaching. He tutors Maths and Physics from his home in Camden. In addition, he owns Elm Village Tutors which provides home tuition across a wide range of academic subjects.
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Case Study

The client’s existing website had an outdated design that didn’t accurately represent their brand and was not user-friendly. They approached us to redesign their website and create a modern and simple design that would provide visitors with the information they needed. After careful consideration of the client’s requirements and objectives, we developed a comprehensive plan for the website redesign. We conducted thorough research and analysis of the client’s industry and competitors to understand their target audience and design trends. We also reviewed their existing website to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Based on our research and analysis, we developed a design concept that was modern and simple, with clean lines and a focus on the client’s brand colours. We presented several design concepts to the client and worked closely with them to refine the chosen concept.

Once the design concept was approved, we started the website development process. We used the latest web technologies to create a responsive and user-friendly website. We ensured that the website was easy to navigate and that the content was structured in a logical and intuitive way.